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Grief & Loss


What is Grief & Loss Counseling? Grief and loss counseling is a guided and professionally structured space for people to grieve losses of various kinds. While a death is obviously the most straightforward case in which grief counseling might be appropriate, grief and loss counseling can also be helpful for those dealing with other kinds of loss, including a lost job or a relationship that has ended. It can also be a place for people with reduced functionality from injuries or diseases to grieve and understand their pain. Grief and loss counseling is where people experiencing these problems can go for support, understanding, respect and a degree of hope — all within the confines of their personal struggle. It can also be an appropriate place to work through negative feelings like guilt, anger, resentment and other barriers to recovery and acceptance. The ultimate purpose of grief and loss counseling is to help people move through the recovery process more effectively, provide a foundation for personal growth and offer the right platform for increased psychological strength after experiencing tra




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