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Depression / Mood Disorders


What is Depression Counseling? Depression Counseling is a form of therapy used to help people who are experiencing depression. The depression counselor will work with you to identify the cause of your depression and develop a plan to address it. This can include things like talk therapy or lifestyle changes. Therapy for depression can be very helpful in restoring your mental health and helping you get back to your everyday life. Who Is Depression Counseling For? For some people, depression is a normal part of their life. But for others, it can be a severe problem that needs counseling. All individuals experiencing depression must receive help from a counselor regardless of the intensity. Here are just but a few groups of people who may benefit from depression counseling: People with a family history of depression. People who have recently been diagnosed with cancer or another severe illness. Elderly people who have lost their spouses or friends. New mothers who are struggling with postpartum depression. Young people struggling with feelings of hopelessness and worthlessness. People who have been affected by a natural disaster or personal tragedy. While there are many signs and symptoms of depression, you may not know if you have it. Here are five signs that you should see a counselor to figure out whether or not you’re struggling with depression: Feeling constantly sad, down, or hopeless. Having little interest in activities you used t




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